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Instagram Frame Prop

We have templates available for our instagram frames so you can order the new grey style or the old blue style however our Instagram Photo Frame can be made as individual as you, with customisable designs, text images and practically any colours can be used! The Instagram frame prop is a perfect, easy and inexpensive way to bring great fun to your party and create a great focal point for your social media photographs. These items are an essential part of your Photo Booth Prop list. Not the frame you were after? Have a look at our other frames

New Style Instagram Photo Frame Template

We are adjusting dynamically to the social media world. Therefore we have offered the new grey design instagram frames from the day the design has been introduced. In fact our designs and templates for photo frames evolve together with constantly changing social media market. Of course our primary focus is YOU as a customer and for that reason we listen to any personal tweaks you may wish to do to the standard design. Give your Instagram Photo Frame a personal touch and we won't charge you for any small adjustments.

We still offer the old, traditional blue style instagram board if you prefer the older instagram design.

Personalised Instagram Frame for a Wedding

Weddings are full of unmissable photo opportunities. Everyone is dressed really nice and each photograph is a priceless souvenir featuring your friends and family, a gathering that happens (hopefully) ones in a lifetime. Wedding Selfie Photo Frames are one of the best and simplest wedding entertainment ideas. They are also one of the cheapest attractions you can imagine, certainly a tiny fraction of a wedding cake cost.

Wedding frames can be based on an Instagram template (if many of your friends are on Instagram). However, since we print everything from scratch and have designers on board we can make your frame as personal and beautiful as you like. It could be a nice wedding selfie frame and not necessarily a social media instagram frame.

Personalised Instagram Photo Booth Prop

We can personalise and print photo booth frames of any kind. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook or any social media frame or completely bespoke photo booth prop we are here to bring your photo frame idea to life.

Fast Design, Print and Delivery

Most of our selfie frames are shipped within 2-4 working days making us one of the fastest large format print companies on the market. Fast track delivery on instagram frames is essencially a standard practice in our company and we don't normally charge extra for fast design or print service. If we can physically send your order out today or tomorrow we will do that without any unnecessary delays! Even super fast shipping will never compromise our high quality print or design personalisation service.

Double sided instagram frame

Double sided social media frames are very practical in most cases as obviously only one side can be used for taking photos so the other side could be used for alternative design or even future event. We print double sided instagram frame boards for just 50% extra but please check on our price list, give us a call or email us to get an exact quotation depending on your size/design.

Standard Selfie Frames

Size Price EACH
A1 Frame (59x84cm)
Large Frame (78x120cm)
Custom Shape A1
(rounded corners, heart shape etc.)
Custom Frames + £30+vat
Double Sided Frames + 50%


Custom Shape Selfie Frames

Almost any shape possible (oval, rounded corners, heart, custom etc.). Approx sizes, actual size will depend on your required frame shape.

Size Price EACH
A1 Frame 59x84cm*
*Approx. size subject to shape.
Large Frame (78x120cm)*
*Approx. size subject to shape.

Double sided Selfie frames / Instagram frames

We charge just 50% extra for printing and making a double sided selfie frame. Double sided selfie boards are very practical, allowing to have, in effect two alternatives designs of instagram or bespoke selfie boards.

All prices are based on copies of one design, please let us know how many designs you have and we will advise if there is any price difference.

Delivery (UK mainland)

£11+vat per small parcel (A1 selfie frame)
£16+vat per medium size parcel (A0 selfie frame)

Contact us for exact quotation for bespoke sizes and quantities. We use many major UK couriers: UPS, TNT, Parcelforce, Tuffnells. Please note that even if the delivery service is normally 'next day' we can't guarantee that as after leaving our premises the goods are normally out of our control. You can also collect your items from our company location in Whitefield.


In your quote confirmation via email you will be advised exact carriage cost that will include size, weight and any special packing factors.

What is Instagram Frame?

Instagram Frame is a Photo Frame prop with design incorporating Instagram social media profile details so it resembles real online social media profile.

What is Instagram Frame used for?

Instagram Frame is used to take Photos or self-portrait photographs (selfies) so you can see people inside the frame board as well as social media details on the frame design. The main purpose of instagram frame photo is that you can share and promote your social media presence for business or leisure purposes.

How can Instagram Frame help promote your Business or Social Media Profile?

The clue to the phenomenon of instagram frames or generally social selfie frames lies mainly in the sharing channels. By providing entertaining photo opportunity to people you can not only use those photos on your own online media but also hope that people will share their own pictures on their own profiles and this way promoting your brand, hashtags or other message printed on the frame.

How many people fit in one of your selfie frames?

The bigger selfie frame 120 x 78cm we recommend for 2 to 3 people.

The A1 selfie frame however is great for just 1 or 2 people.

Can you do Custom Sizes?

We can do custom sizes on our frames as we are a printing company we can help you make your own instagram frame whether its a small or big instagram frame were here to help!

Can I order double sided instagram frame / selfie frame?

Yes, we print double sided selfie frame boards. Normally it is just 50% extra but please check on our price list or give us a call or email us to get exact quotation depending on size/design or even shape. Double sided selfie frames are very practical in most cases as obviously only one side can be used for taking photos so the other side could be used for alternative design or even future event.

Can you use other materials?

We recommend foamex as it ticks the most boxes in regards quality and rigidity whilst still staying light enough to use even in the larger size. However if you do require other materials feel free to ask one of the team and we would be more than happy to supply these on one of the other many materials we use to print on everyday.

Do you do other frames?

Yes, we can make any type of photo booth frame you like, these have been known to include Wedding instagram frames, facebook frames, party prop frames, life size instagram frames, giant instagram frames, company photo frames, children photo frames and many many more.

Do you do card or cardboard selfie frames?

To assure high quality of print and material and best customer experience we chose not to print Instagram frames or photo booth frames on cardboard or card material. Instead, we print on 5mm foamex (foam pvc). However, if you have a special request for selfie frame print on card o other environment friendly material please give us a call and we should be able to print and supply cardboard frame to you.

What is foamex and why do you use it for printing selfie boards?

Foamex is a popular name for rigid, hard Foam PVC board.  It is also called Forex. Foamex does not look or feel like foam material, it looks and feels rather like hard matt plastic and therefore is much more withstanding than any other light foam-like boards or corrugated plastic. We recommend foamex as standard for selfie frames to ensure highest quality and long life of the product especially if used on repeated occassions and by many people during one party event.

How thick are your Selfie frames?

We can supply our social media frames in either 5mm of 10mm thickness. The most popular thickness is 5mm and is suitable in most circumstances however we do offer the 10mm thickness at an extra cost for anyone who is after something a little more hardwearing.

Are foamex boards suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, printed foamex boards are suitable for all weather outdoor use as well as indoor displays.

When will I receive my instagram boards or selfie frames?

Our standard printing production lead times for majority of orders is 2-5 working days. However, very often, depending on our current production load, we are able to despatch instagram frames much faster. Once the production process is accomplished we can offer next day delivery service to virtually all UK mainland locations.