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Personalised Selfie Frames offers a unique, 100% recyclable Instagram frame and custom selfie frame printing service. Providing a great social or party entertainment experience for your guests, friends and clients. The possibilities are endless so please drop us an email or call us and let us know what would you like to achieve and we will design, print, cut and deliver it to your door.

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Selfie Frame

Selfie Frames (not only Instagram Frame) are our speciality and passion! We are Carrick Signs Ltd and we have been printing large format products including selfie props and frames for years. Faced with big demand for all kinds of social media and bespoke selfie frames we have decided to create a dedicated website

Sustainable Products

All our social media frames are printed using 100% recyclable materials. Our small party prop (suitable for 2-3 people) is printed onto a unique, 1300mic water resistant board. All Weather Board is an environmentally friendly polyethylene coated display board for general interior and exterior POS. Its unique characteristics make All Weather Board an ideal substrate for applications where plastics would have been the natural first choice. Sized post-consumer waste is at the core of the product with PE lined accredited liners providing an excellent print surface. Although the board contains PE it is 100% recycable and offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC and HIPS. The larger social media frame (suitable for 3-4 people) is printed onto a foamed polypropylene environmentally friendly alternative to Foam PVC.

How to order your personalised selfie frame?

Have you decided to get your Selfie frame printed? Then don't hesitiate and get your printed photo frames customised for any social media site you like including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Readymade selfie board templates are available for all the top social media sites. You are free to choose any social media site of your choice.

To order your selfie frames simply browse to the type of selfie frame you are interested in and fill in a short contact form with the details for your chosen frame. Our designers will put your frame together or help you design a custom frame, depending on your requirements. We will email you a visual proof of your frame to make sure you are happy with the final outcome before we proceed to print, it's as easy at that!

Instagram Photo Frame

The social media frame trend started with the instagram photo frame and indeed, Instagram frames are still the most popular out of all the party frames we print and produce. brings you an unlimited choice of social media and bespoke photo boards customised for your party, social or business event. You may have your own occasion and idea for an innovative photo frame, just let us know and we will help you design and create the frame bringing your idea to life.

However, please note that we are not just an instagram frame printing company, and we have so much more to offer. Carrick Signs Ltd as a company provide large format digital print solutions including display panel printing services at the most reasonable rates. Look no further for all your large format printing requirements. Carrick Signs Ltd comes with years of experience and we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers by providing consistently good quality large format printing services.


The Increasing Popularity Of Selfie Photo Frames

Undoubtedly, social media has permeated into all aspects of our life. It is no more limited to just the online virtual platforms. It has found its way into our living rooms and one clear evidence is to be seen in the selfie photo frames. Yes, you read it right, “selfie photo frames”. Custom photo printing companies today are quick to add selfie photo frames to their list of services.

You can now get your photos printed with fully customizable Instagram frames, Facebook selfies frame or Twitter selfie frames. These photo frames certainly add fun to any party or social event, with the selfie culture becoming increasingly popular, it is no wonder you are starting to see Selfie boards popping up at every party. Interestingly, it is not just the youth who are hooked on the selfie culture, but people from all age groups and all walks of life are getting on board with the selfie trend.

All the occasions for Selfie Frame fun

With selfie boards massively gaining in popularity, their use and scope of applications widens literally every day. We will try to come up with a long list of almost all selfie frame types. We will divide the list into subcategories to keep things organised. The main categories are: social media selfie frames with primary focus on a specific social media platform and occasional party frames. The latter will show the big variety of all kinds of occasions where photo frame could become additional attraction and an interesting idea for a party or event. So if you are looking for Childrens Party Ideas or Night Club Party Ideas etc. you may consider thinking of Themed Personalised Photo Frame.

Social Media Frames:

Instagram Frame, Facebook Frame, Twitter Frame, Snap Chat Selfie Frame, Google Plus Selfie Frame, Special Interest Forum Selfie Frame, Tinder Selfie Frame.

Occasional Party Selfie Frame:

Hen Party Selfie Board, Stag Do (Stag Night) Selfie Frame, Engagement Party Selfie Frame, Wedding Reception Photo Selfie Frame, Birthday Party Selfie Frame, Themed Birthday Party Photo Frame, Valentine's Party Frame, Mother's Day Selfie Frame, Childrens Party Photo Frame, School Party, Graduation and Prom Selfie Frame.

Business & Event Selfie Frames:

Night Club Selfie Frame, Hair and Beauty Salon Photo Frame, Tattoo Studio Frame for displaying your work inside branded photo frame, Makup Artist Studio Selfie Frame to showcase your face makeup work, Themed Party Entertainment Selfie Board, Restaurant Selfie Frame, Social Club Frame, Tourist Attraction Souvenir Photo Selfie Frame, Product Display Photo Frame, Charity Event Selfie Frame, Photo Booth Frames.